2018 - 2021   The Slade School of Fine Art - UCL, London, United Kingdom

2008 - 2012   Bachelor of Fine Art, Incheon Catholic University Graduate School, Incheon, Republic of Korea


Solo show

2020 Oct  Chaos _ Space 9, Seoul

2020 Jan  The Island of Chaos _ Space 9, Seoul

Group show

2019 Jan  Pulling tooth _ ASC Gallery, London

2015 Aug  Yokboda _  Itaewon A. space, Seoul

2015 May  Masil naon jag-eob _ Gallery Café Chipoly, Seoul

2012 Jun   The Incheon Landing Opertion _  Incheon Education and Cultural for Student, Incheon,

2012 Mar   Contest Exhibition for Coming Young Artist _ Ap Gallery, Seoul

2011 Dec   From Giyeok to Hieut _ BA Fine Art Degree Show Rivus Gallery, Incheon Catholic University, Incheon

2011 Sep   Mikrokosmos _  Gallery Sky Yeon, Seoul

2011 Apr   Cherish the Love _  Geumcheon Art Factory, Seoul

2010 Sep   Contest Group Exhibition _The 16th Haengju Fine Arts Grand Show Goyang World Flower Exhibition, Goyang


Art Fairs

2012 Aug   2012 ASYAAF _ Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul

2011 Aug   2011 KASF _ Korea Art Summer Festival SETEC, Seoul



2012 Dec   Taking a Photograph Modern people’s guide how to appreciate

                   Team What-tion
                   Gallery Handspan at Gyeonggi Arts Center, Suwon

2012 Jul    Hypercomplex Continuity Movement 100cubes

                   Project Space Gallery Golmok, Seoul

2012 Mar   Haenggung-dong Occupancy Art Festival

                   Team What-tion

                   Haenggung-dong, Suwon

2011 Nov   Sukgol - ro squat Community

                   Team What-tion

                   Dohwa-dong, Incheon



2012 Feb   Special Selection Award _ Contest Exhibition for Coming Young Artist Seoul Ap Gallery

2011 Aug   Special Selection Award _ World Art Exhibition for Peace International Association of Educators for World Peace

2010 Dec   Special Selection Award _ GG National Design Competition Video,

                   Content Division Gyeonggi-do Branch of Korean Fine Arts Association

2010 Sep   Special Selection Award _ Haengju Fine Arts Grand Exhibition Korean Fine Arts Association