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In the Shall.jpg

Installation view, In the Shell, Crypt Gallery, London, 2022

Kim, waterfall.jpg

Installation view, Waterfall, 2021

Kim, Flowing Water between you and me and Yellow wave.jpg
Kim, Yellow Swirl.jpg

Installation view, Over there, Saatchi Gallery, London, 2021

Installation view, Hole Series, Slade Summer Show: Degree Show, Slade Shool of Fine Art, London, 2021

Kim, seven holes.jpg

Seven Holes, 2021, Mixed media, displayed: 190 x 148 x 170 cm 


Noise Under the Hole, 2021, Mixed media, displayed: 200 x 148 x 170 cm


Installation view, Hee Jyung Kim: Chaos, Solo Show, Space 9, Seoul, 2020


Installation view, Montage of Emotion seriesSpace 9, Seoul, 2020

Installation view, The Island of Chaos, Solo Show, Space 9, Seoul, 2020

Let me out no.1, 2019
Splitting, 2019
Let me out no.2, 2019
Gravity, 2020
Gazing, 2019
9 Screams, 2019

Installation view, Finding My Feet, Pulling tooth, ASC Gallery, London, 2019

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